Hi, everyone! I just wanted to post a quick update explaining the delays. My computer is crazy & evil. If you are waiting on pictures from me please understand that it will be a few weeks before I can do anything. I can't edit or even burn disks at the moment. Also some of my emails are not going through so don't think I'm ignoring you. I promise that when things get fixed I will make it up to everyone. Again I'm sorry for everything, I know everyone is itching to see their pictures!

My best friend, Krystal Lynn, wanted a cute way to tell

her family that she was expecting. Here's what I made! Contact me for custom photo cards!

On June 18th I drove to the Norris Dam State Park to photograph two beautiful little girls. Kazameriah is 4 & Mariana is 2 (& don't you just love their names?!) Not only did I have sweet little girls & friendly parents to work with, but also an awesome backdrop. The Rice Grist Mill & the threshing barn made for a charming setting for this family.

Due to all the responses I have got about my free photo sessions, all of the spots are currently full. Please contact me for discount pricing if you are still interested in having me photograph your family. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me!

Saturday, I met Jacob & some of his family. Before he decided it was naptime, I managed to get these! Oh, and a big thank you to his great grand Mother for the awesome pecan brownie! YUMMY!

I got to meet 3 great families & photograph them at the beautiful Sunshine Hollow. Here are a few of my favorite shots from that day!

Tabby, a sweet lil' beauty.

Tyler, a strong & happy cutie.

Skyler (the biggest flirt ever!) and his parents.

And a big, laughing family ended my day!

I had a blast working with all these people! Thanks to all of you!

Meet Ella. She is a super sweet 18 month old with more energy than you can imagine. I had lots of fun with her & her mom & here's some of my favorite takes of the day.

This is my first practice session & this cute lil guy just so happens to be my 3 year old nephew! He was very well behaved & got to go fishing afterwards.
There will be more photos of him after this weekend.

Hi everyone! I have decided to take my passion for photography and share it with others. To begin my portfolio I am offering free sessions to anyone interested. I will be doing on location photo shoots in the local area of the following-
I will take the images from your shoot, do any adjustments needed to them and put them on a CD for you to have printed where you like. In return for my services you will grant me the right to post them for others to see.

If you are interested in anything I don't have listed or a location further away please feel free to contact me at magicalmomentsbyamethyst@yahoo.com ! This is only for a limited time so take advantage of my services as I'm sure these slots will fill up very fast. I will be posting some of the photos from each session here so come back & check out what I've been doing! I look forward to capturing all the Magical Moments in your life!

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About the Photographer

My name is Amethyst & photography is my passion. I am a stay at home Mommy to a 2 year old son. I'm engaged to be married soon & will be the step-Mommy of a 4 year old little girl. I have decided to take my hobby to another level & offer my services to others. I am a very laid back, friendly person & I can't wait to capture all of your life's Magical Moments.

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